Dr / ZIN Shayani Dhar (Ex Faculty)

Performing since the age of 3,she has been trained in Indian classical / semi-classical / folk dances by her mother Ranjana Dhar who is a renowned professional dancer / choreographer from Kolkata with years of experience in the field of dance.
Shayani has performed in several dance concerts. She has performed in National TV and has also been winner of several dance competitions. She graduated to be a Doctor and started working. However,unable to let go of her passion for dance she continued to train as a Dancer. She trained in HipHop and Funk Jazz in Mumbai. Her passion for dance and fitness inspired her to become a Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor and ZIN ( Zumba Instructor Network)

Somnath Mondal

Somnath Mondal is a talented Dancer with excellent dance skills in Contemporary and Jazz. He has been trained from Danceworx ,Delhi and Padatik Dance World, Kolkata. He has been a teacher at Padatik Dance Centre and H.K Dance and Art. Somnath has partcipated in several dance reality shows, dance contests and has performed in several stage shows including IPL Opening. He has worked as  Assistant Choreographer for  Dalhousie Public School, Founder'14 Himachal and Aryan High School Dehradun. He has also judged the dance event Dance JP Dance in Nagpur. Apart from dance ,somnath is also skilled in Yoga and Aerobics


Debomita is a young talented dancer. She started dancing when she was a child and eversince she has been dancing and training in dance.Her passion for dance has never faded.She does all forms of dance but she is more passionate about contemporary and jazz.She was trained from Pradip Gurung Dance Academy Guwahati, as well as Shuffle Street Dance Academy Kolkata.She has been winner of  a number of dance competitions and has attended several dance workshops.

Pankaj pradip barua (Ex Faculty)

Pankaj Pradip Barua is a young Contemporary dancer.He has done special contemporary course from American Choreographer Janet Reed.He was in Indis's Top 100 Contestants of Dance India Dance Season 3. He was a Finalist (India' top 16) in MTv Maruti Suzuki Colours of Youth Season 5. Apart from contemporary,he is also trained in Salsa.